primitive / tribal / contemporary

Thank you for visiting Mo FIN. We began this venture by traveling the world searching for interesting and unusual items for the customers we have gotten to know for over 25 years in the design industries. What we found was a new perspective on art, decoration and design. As world cultures have melded, often collided, in recent times, we see old ideas that become new ones to another culture. Things that are mundane tools to some , become striking, creative flourishes to others. In visiting tribal areas, we understand now how Picasso, Braque and Gauguin were inspired to create some of their most endearing works. Discarded pieces that were hand carved, and further sculpted by the forces of nature, are visually riveting in the context of modern society. Stone and wood, that we find chic or intriguing, have been used in spiritual meditation rituals for centuries. Our contemporary collections are crafted by the same people whose ancestors created the antiques. Perhaps now we understand Gauguin�s query, expressed in his painting " Where do we come from, who are we, where are we going?"

Alas, by getting to know other cultures, and the objects that help define them, we understand more about ourselves. We are truly one world, one people, divided only by water and imaginary boundaries.

Enjoy browsing our galleries. We have categorized these pieces, as best we can. Keep in mind the individual nature of the items, and the limited availability of some.

Our remote San Diego warehouse is open by appointment, and filled with the magic that comes from the gathering and curation of these diverse collections.

When you find a piece that interests you, contact us, and we will send you, by email or post, a listing of like items in stock or on the way. Our Contemporary Collection is growing daily, and we welcome your ideas for custom created items, as we respect your appreciation for maintaining the world�s resources for future generations.

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